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Pasifika Shining Lights

A Pasifika Primary Mental Health and Addictions Service for Becoming Parents, Infants and Young Children.

Pasifika Shining Lights is a comprehensive service to Pasifika aiga/magafaoa/famili and parents through the antenatal period and to infants and young children and their families through to age five.

The service promotes wellbeing and address mild to moderate mental health distress and addiction concerns.

NET is committed to the promotion of nurturing care for young children and families from conception, and to early intervention.  The early years are a critical time for reducing the negative effects of adversity.

How to access this service for you and your family

Please call free on 0800 638 462 or get in touch through our website enquiry mailbox and we will respond to you. Or you can talk with your NET family support worker.

Interesting terminology

Social and emotional development or infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) - “is foundational to other aspects of early development. Social-emotional development is defined as the capacity to form secure relationships; experience, express, and manage a range of emotions; and learn and explore one’s environment - and influences infants’ and toddlers’ early cognitive development and later health and mental health outcomes.”

Infant Mental Health is additionally, the discipline of practice and research that focuses on the promotion of healthy social and emotional development, the prevention of mental health problems and the treatment of the mental health disorders of very young children in the context of their family.

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