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Cultural competency in the New Zealand workplace means understanding, respecting, and effectively engaging with the diverse cultural backgrounds of employees. It involves creating an inclusive environment that values different perspectives and fosters respectful communication, decision-making, and collaboration. This ensures fair opportunities and a workplace culture that celebrates diversity. Cultural training is one of many opportunities for organisations to improve their cultural competence.  

NET runs the workshops during the Ministry of Pacific Peoples Pacific Language weeks. MPP Pacific Language weeks 

NET’s cultural training offers an engaging, interactive, and educational experience, drawing from the personal insights of our diverse Pasifika team. Comprising individuals of Tongan, Tokelau, Samoan, Cook Island, Fiji, Niue, and Māori descent, our team infuses authentic cultural experiences into the workshops. 

Allow 2- 3 hours to complete the workshops which includes a catered lunch.  

What We


Cultural understanding and respect

Participants gain firsthand insights from our team members who have lived and immersed themselves in their respective cultures. Our team shares experiences, providing a glimpse into cultural customs and traditions. .


Appreciation of communication and language

Participants receive a foundational understanding of traditional words and songs. 


Insight into Pasifika perinatal practices

Participants will hear how Pasifika practices have influenced our NET’s view and practices in caring for tamariki and whānau.  


Improve cultural
awareness and sensitivity

The workshops cover a brief history of the country, cultural norms, values, beliefs and practices, customs, and traditions.  


Pasifika cuisine experience

Participants will have the opportunity to join a shared lunch at the conclusion of the workshop enjoying trying out different foods from the region.


Interactive and fun

Our team operate with a huge amount of humour and we love to have fun because we love what we do. This is reflected in our workshops.

Register for Gagana Samoa 

Celebrated: 26 May – 1 June

The 2024 theme for Samoa Language Week is ‘Tautua i le alofa mo se lumana'i manuia -

Serve in love for a thriving future’ 

I loved the attending last year's cultural training, it was super fun and great food! 
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